A Big Picture Approach

A small business owner is responsible for many moving parts throughout the day. Azi’s goal is to bring together all those parts to get your business running like a well-oiled machine. Using today’s virtual technology, Azi works with local and long-distance businesses at any stage of growth.

Consulting Packages

Small Biz Mobility Design

Does your business need a technology upgrade? We will bring your business to the 21st century by setting you up with the tools you need.


  • Mobility/Technology review with optional implementation
  • Email Configuration (ex. Office365, Rackspace, etc.)
  • Calendars (web-based, device-based)
  • Mobile Tools
  • Cloud Storage

The Small Biz Tune Up

Bring in the expert to evaluate your current processes & technology and provide actionable ways for improving efficiency.

  • Get an objective view of your operations.
  • Review mobility & technology setup.
  • Isolate areas that are in need of fixing.
  • Recommend practical changes for improving business operations, efficiency & logistics.
  • Suggest solutions for updating email configuration, calendars, mobile tools, cloud storage, etc.

The process includes a phone consultation and a post-consultation action report, which will include topics discussed and follow-up recommendations.

Price applies to small businesses with under 3 employees, and the discussion is limited to one business/enterprise. Implementation of recommendations available, but not included.

Consulting Services

Small Business Diagnostic & Action Plan

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Bring in an expert to evaluate your current processes and prepare an actionable plan for improving efficiency.

  • On-site or off-site analysis of your operations.
  • Isolate areas that are in need of fixing.
  • A comprehensive report lists actionable items to improve.
  • One-time or recurring.

Project Management & Special Implementations

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Creating and implementing specific projects & processes to improve efficiency and growth.

  • New software implementation
  • Launching new tactics and methods
  • Upgrading existing systems or setting up new ones
Azi Rosenblum

Azi Rosenblum

Founder & CEO

For over a decade, Azi Rosenblum has been developing a professional reputation as the “Solutions Guy.” With a degree in Management Information Systems, and experience in building and improving small businesses, he has an eye for efficient operational planning and resource management.
Leveraging his knowledge of technology solutions, business management and development, and his experience working with new and growing small businesses, Azi is able to craft cutting edge solutions to assist in scalable and affordable growth.

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"The success of our clients is how we measure our success"
-Azi Rosenblum, Founder & CEO

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I work with Remsource and Azi on sophisticated business planning for a wide array of clients and their respective businesses. I have always found him insightful and energetic with a keen eye towards achieving results. He will be a great help to any prospective business owner.

Judah Katz

Partner, Neuman & Katz

Azi & RemSource have been an excellent help in our office process. He too the time to understand how we do business and what we need.

Alan Auerbach

Owner, Digital Office Concepts

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