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Honestly… we’re not sure what this guy does all day, but he does process payroll so we keep him around. Ok, truth is, he does a lot, it’s just mostly top secret. Azi’s vision, style (business, not dress) and brand of leadership guide what RemSource does for its family of clients and employees while fueling a simple yet remarkable goal to provide small business owners the tools they need to succeed. All this while creating a fun, productive, and enjoyable place to work. If he could be granted one wish, it would be to have a helicopter pilot’s license and his very own chopper to replace the family car he currently uses to get around town with his wife and 3 kids.


Every office has an Abby… that person who sets the standard for excellence, consistency and dependability – guess that’s why she’s Team Leader! Born in Utah, raised in Iowa, and high school years on the East Coast, Abby’s days as a nomad ended when she and her husband moved to Baltimore from Israel. We rely on her energy and attention to detail to keep the wheels spinning on everything from client onboarding to birthday cakes for team members. Outside of the office, Abby loves to read, read, read, and spend time with her husband and two daughters.


Originally hailing from Minneapolis, Gitty is our bookkeeping team leader. Calm, methodical, and laid-back as she can be, don’t try and get anything past her when it comes to her numbers – she leaves no room for error. After hours, Gitty can be found relaxing with her husband and daughter or baking up a storm in her kitchen. Yum, cookies.


Melissa keeps wowing clients and teammates with her consistent track record of going above and beyond clients’ expectations. As admin team leader, confidence and a can-do attitude are her magic, so everyone on the team knows who to turn to when we need her special brand of unwavering problem solving. Outside of work, Melissa is likely to be found at Orioles or Ravens games, chilling with her family and kids, and decorating cakes that are out of this world.


The lone Steelers fan in Ravens’ home territory, Christina is known for her go-get-em attitude, high-level work and an empathetic, down-to-earth tone. No matter what the circumstances, she pushes forward with a positive attitude and enthusiasm which inspires trust and confidence in everyone around her. Christina is a loud and proud Marine Corps family supporter and loves her gym time more than ice cream (seriously).


Marlye’s sunny and energetic attitude shines through in her admin work, brightening the day for everyone she is in contact with. Always curious and excited to learn new things, she enjoys working with clients in a variety of industries. Outside the office, Marlye spends her free time relaxing with her husband and son.


Rachelle makes bookkeeping look easy, always knowing the right questions to ask and figuring out ways to solve problems no matter what. When she’s not crunching numbers, Rachelle enjoys cooking, working out and hanging out with her husband and son.


Daniella is a bookkeeper dedicated to helping our clients keep clear and concise records so they can make informed business decisions. Outside of work, she loves cooking, spending time with her husband and son and taking walks at the park. Didn’t realize that Daniella is a Brooklyn native? Fuhgeddaboutit!

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