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Q. Who can RemSource help?

A. We work with solopreneurs and small business teams in every imaginable industry – among them, consulting, coaching, real estate, medical, mental health, construction, non-profit, manufacturing and finance. If you know the feeling of starting a business from the ground up and having given your customers personal, high-quality service but feeling stuck, we can help. It’s time to make a choice: spend time generating revenue, or spend time handling back-office tasks. By delegating to RemSource, we keep the gears moving smoothly in the background while you focus on your core business.

Q. Where is RemSource and what are your hours?

A. The miracle of modern technology means that our clients can be anywhere while the RemSource team works primarily from our central Baltimore, Maryland office. We are open weekdays between 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time but feel free to contact us regardless of your home base to see if we can figure something out that works for you – we have worked out solutions with many clients in other time zones!

Q. How does RemSource work?

A. RemSource’s administrative and bookkeeping teams are handpicked and trained to be #VitruallyAwesome – they are professionals who use judgment and discretion coupled with a sense of empathy and urgency to keep your business moving one step further along. You have an assigned primary admin who is the main contact for handling tasks for your account. To ensure timely responses for requests, you also have an assigned secondary admin in case your primary is unavailable. We strive to handle standard requests within a business hour whenever possible, while bigger projects and tasks may have different expectations for turnaround time. In addition, if you have any one-off requests that fall outside the scope of your contracted services, we encourage you to speak with us to see if we can help!

Q. I'm not so organized, can RemSource help me?

A. Yes! That’s exactly what we do. The key is going to be your willingness to delegate and trust RemSource to support your efforts. Our expertise is in creating and maintaining reliable processes for the flow of work that puts money in your bottom line.  You will be amazed how much more you can get done with RemSource at your side.

Q. Is RemSource an Answering Service?

A. No, we are not an answering service! Your virtual assistant becomes familiar with your business and is trained to handle many back-office processes from start to finish, ideally without involving you! We are equipped to provide your customers with quality information and a personal touch that you will not get from scheduling software or overseas customer service agents. We care about being a valued, integral member of your team and your customers are treated in a way that reassures them their business is important – just like the quality service they are used to getting from you.

Q. How does RemSource receive calls for my business?

A.  RemSource stays on top of the latest and greatest options for call forwarding and routing. Our clients have come to us with business telephone numbers that are cell phones, voicemail boxes, and even home numbers.  RemSource will develop a solution that will offer you the ability to direct the calls you don’t need to answer to our office so that we can give your customers the fastest responses to all their inquires and free up your time to get more work done.

Q. I don’t want my customers talking to an answering service, how is RemSource different?

A. RemSource can do MUCH more than just answer your phones and take messages. We gain a level of familiarity with your business so that we can answer customer service inquiries and direct callers to the information they are looking for. Depending on the level of service you choose, the RemSource agent will more than likely be managing your schedule or maintaining your billing, which means that unlike a regular answering service, RemSource can provide your customers with what they are looking for while you are out there generating more revenue!

Q. How well will RemSource know my business?

A. RemSource knows business, and what we do is help keep yours running faster and more efficient. Of course it’s important to have fundamental knowledge of the industries our clients work in, however, our job is to keep the gears moving.  Our agents are provided with the vital information required to make sure that you customers have the sense that they are dealing with a member of your team and someone who can truly help them with their need. We support your efforts by focusing on the things you can’t and shouldn’t be doing for your business.

Q. What if a customer needs to speak with me during the day?

A.  Don’t think of us as a gate keeper, but rather more like a quality assurance measure. If the customer needs something we can’t provide, of course they need to talk to you! The difference is that a customer in need will have a live contact who will gather the information needed to get a fast and efficient response from you. In the event of an urgent situation, RemSource will make every effort to reach you ASAP to resolve the customer’s request.

Q. My business number is my cell phone number, how will those calls get to RemSource?

A.  RemSource stays on top of the latest and greatest options for call forwarding and routing. Our clients have come to us with business telephone numbers that are cell phones, voicemail boxes, and even home numbers.  RemSource will develop a solution that will offer you the ability to direct the calls you don’t need to answer to our office so that we can give your customers the fastest responses to all their inquires and free up your time to get more work done.

Q. Will my customers be losing the personal service they are used to?

A.  Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, our clients have reported great feedback from their customers after implementing RemSource services. Many business owners have the same concern thinking that they will lose touch with their customers. Think of it this way: ultimately, your customers’ want your services. RemSource will help you deliver faster, more reliable, and more professional services- your customers won’t mind that at all!

Q. Where do my calls go at night and on weekends?

A. Each RemSource client has a customized call routing plan based on their type of business. After hours, based on your needs, we can provide options such as voicemail boxes, SMS message alerts, e-mailed voicemail messages, and pre-recorded information. The system will automatically switch to the after hours setup and your calls will be routed via a professional auto attendant based on your business needs.

Q. Can you schedule appointments for me?

A. You better believe it! Our role is to help you maximize the use of your time. You need to be at the appointments, not spending time playing phone tag and trying to schedule them. RemSource can manage your schedule for you, making sure that you have your days planned and organized for maximum results. We use shared and synchronized calendars from our offices to directly schedule appointments in your calendar. Get up, have a cup of coffee, and hit the road! Your schedule is waiting for you.

Q. What if I need to change an appointment?

A.  Things happen, your last appointment ran late, you hit some traffic, not a big deal. RemSource makes every effort to work with you and your customers to create a realistic and efficient schedule. However, if things come up, we can call the customers for you and let them know about the delay or simply to re-schedule.

Q. Can RemSource process orders for me?

A. Yup! RemSource will gladly process inbound phone orders, web/email orders, or help you manage your orders using a web based order processing system. Now we’re talking business! Let’s see how you feel when your business is making money for you while you work on other things or maybe even take some time off!

Q. How will RemSource help me make more money?

A. It’s really quite simple. You, alone, can only do so much. The time you are spending doing the things RemSource will do for you is time you could be dedicating to pursuing and capturing new revenue. Let RemSource take care of the little things so you can focus on what you do best!

Q. How does RemSource do all this remotely?

A.  Ahhh, the miracles of modern technology. Call forwarding, web-based technology, e-mail, and remote login are just a few of our tricks. However, ultimately and most importantly, we get it all done while providing your customers with the quality of service they expect from you. Make no mistake, remote technology is our platform, but personal service is our motto!

Q. Is RemSource an accounting firm?

A.  NO. RemSource is a resource for administrative support, however, we expect our clients to work with a CPA and/or attorney to make sure that they are operating in compliance with all regulations. We will implement our services in a way that supports your business, but we do so under the assumption that you have done your homework and are operating within the guidelines of all regulations.

Q. Can you help me keep my financial records in order?

A.  YES. RemSource will gladly maintain your company’s financial records in your financial tracking software. (If you don’t have one, we can help get you setup.) Working with your CPA, we will record and reconcile all banking activity, so that you have up to date information to review and use in managing and growing your business.

Q. Does RemSource process payroll?

A.  RemSource will gather and prepare your payroll information, and even key it in to payroll software or report it to a third party processor. However, we are not a payroll company, so we don’t offer payroll services per-se. Rather, we will take responsibility for the tasks associated with your payroll so that it’s accurate and on time. If you need help setting up a payroll processing service, we can recommend a few.

Q. What else can I ask RemSource to do?

A. Any kind of administrative, project, or batch tasks that you don’t have time for. Research, list building, you name it. If you can establish a project goal, we can help you reach it!

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