Virtual Administrative Services

Our goal is to help you maximize the use of your time. You know the saying, “Work smarter, not harder”? The RemSource team takes care of the harder, so you can work smarter :)

You can cross off ALL of these time-consuming
administrative task of your to-do list when you use our virtual administrative services.

You’re welcome.


Our virtual administrative services will maintain your business’s personal touch with your customers via phone, email, or chat, keeping all the gears that run your business moving constantly. Our goal is to pick up where answering services drop off by being a knowledgeable, resourceful and valuable extension of your team.

  • Hosted Phone System
  • Live Call Answering
  • Customized Call Scripting
  • Call Returns
  • After-Hours Voicemail
  • SMS/E-mail Message Alerts
  • Email Communication Services

Schedule Management

We receive requests, follow-up, schedule, and confirm your appointments for you, making sure that you have your days planned and organized for maximum results. Get up, have a cup of coffee, and hit the road! Your schedule is waiting for you.

  • Appointment Setting
  • Scheduling
  • Confirmations
  • Seminar/Event Registration
  • RSVP Tracking

Customer Service

We take care of your customers’ needs, so you can focus on doing the things that actually generate revenue. We take care of all the little details that popup every day, leaving you free to deal with all the real business stuff.

  • Account Inquiries
  • Company/Service Information
  • Order Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Contact Management
  • New Customer Intake

Business Processes

Our virtual administrative services team will help to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. We take care of everything that needs to be taken care of, no matter how small. You won’t even know those problems existed!

  • Data Entry
  • Database Management
  • Service Dispatching
  • Internal Software Utilization
  • Proposal Send-offs
  • Back Office Processes
  • Task Workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

RemSource employs all of the latest and greatest options for call forwarding and routing. Our clients have come to us with business telephone numbers that are cell phones, voicemail boxes, and even home numbers. RemSource will develop a solution that will offer you the ability to direct the calls you don’t need to answer to our office, so that we can give your customers the fastest responses to all their inquiries.
RemSource can do MUCH more than just answer your phones and take messages! We gain a level of familiarity with your business so that we can answer customer service inquiries and direct callers to the information they are looking for. Depending on the level of service you choose, the RemSource agent will more than likely be managing your schedule or maintaining your billing, which means that unlike a regular answering service, RemSource can provide your customers with what they are looking for while you are out there generating more revenue.
Don’t think of us as gatekeepers. Think of our team as a quality assurance measure. If the customer needs something we can’t provide, of course they need to talk to you! The difference is that a customer in need will have a live contact who will gather the information needed to get a fast and efficient response from you. In the event of an urgent situation, RemSource will make every effort to reach you ASAP to resolve the customer’s request.
We can work with ANY systems you use in your business. Our team is trained to use and adapt to virtually any business or CRM software that exists. From Zoho, to Pipedrive, to Google Docs - you name it, we work with it!
Ahhh, the miracles of modern technology 🙂  Call forwarding, web-based technology, e-mail, and remote login are just a few of our tricks. However, ultimately and most importantly, we get it all done while providing your customers with the quality of service they expect from you. Remote technology is our platform, but personal service is our motto!
Each RemSource client has a customized call routing plan based on their type of business. Based on your needs, we can provide various options, such as voicemail boxes, SMS message alerts, e-mailed voicemail messages, and pre-recorded information. The system will automatically switch to the after-hours setup and your calls will be routed via a professional auto-attendant service.
Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, our clients have reported great feedback from their customers after implementing RemSource services. Ultimately, your customers’ want your services. RemSource will help you deliver faster, more reliable, and more professional services- your customers won’t mind that at all!

Never want to deal with admin tasks again? We get you 🙂

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