Virtual Bookkeeping Services

As we all know, business is measured in numbers. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business operations and lose sight of your end goal - making money :) Our virtual bookkeeping services will save you time, keep your business moving, and make sure you have the critical financial data needed to run your business.

You can cross off ALL of these complicated bookkeeping tasks of your to-do list with our virtual bookkeeping service.

You’re welcome.

  • Customer Invoicing & Delivery
  • Receivables Tracking
  • Bill-Pay Management
  • Statement Delivery
  • Revenue & Expense Tracking
  • Payables Management
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Bill-Pay Management
  • Financial Progress Reports
  • Coordination with your CPA
  • Payroll Administration (Using 3rd Party Platforms)

Our Remote Bookkeeping Services Can Help You:

Understand Your Finances

Make Informed Decisions

Pay/Get Paid on Time

Frequently Asked Questions

No. RemSource is a virtual bookkeeping service and remote administrative support. We do expect our clients to work with a CPA and/or attorney to make sure that they are operating in compliance with all regulations. We will implement our services in a way that supports your business, but we do so under the assumption that you have done your homework and are operating within the guidelines of all regulations.
YES. RemSource will gladly maintain your company’s financial records in your financial tracking software. (If you don’t have one, we can help set one up.) Working with your CPA, we will record and reconcile all banking activity so that you have up to date information to review and use in managing and growing your business.
RemSource will gather and prepare your payroll information, and even key it in to payroll software or report it to a third party processor. However, we are not a payroll company, so we don’t offer payroll services per-se. Rather, we will take responsibility for the tasks associated with your payroll so that it’s accurate and on time. If you need help setting up a payroll processing service, we have amazing businesses we can recommend.
YES! QuickBooks is actually our preferred platform. We know it well and are experts in delivering clear and valuable data from it.
If you use QuickBooks online, it's really simple! All you have to do is add us as an accounting firm user. If you use desktop, we have a number of options including using remote access to a computer at your office, or some really neat cloud-based file sharing ideas. Don’t worry. We'll figure it all out!
We’re all about security and protecting confidential data. We take it very seriously at our office. Passwords are stored in a secure software system. Our team members don’t even have full access to the data - the software loads the necessary credentials for them. We safeguard your data, take confidentiality very seriously, and implement policies and technology to do all we can to keep things safe.
Yup, we often meet new clients after a backlog has built up or they have come to realize that their books are not being maintained properly. No problem. We would initially engage in a “project” mode and once we are caught up, it’s all about keeping that rhythm!
Oy… we need to talk. But just to keep you motivated… On the positive side: If you “know your numbers” you can make good decisions and grow. Without that, you are managing by impulse or instinct and…. Neither of those are mathematical concepts. On the scary side: To make sure you are not losing money, stolen from, and spending your time and money on things that are not working.
The ones that pay on time! (Kidding, kinda)…. RemSource is a good fit for any business that needs their financial tasks handled consistently and professionally. “Small business” is a bit of a broad term, so we focus on needs. If you need professional financial know-how handling your AR, AP, reconciliation or reporting tasks, that’s us! The only businesses we actually don’t take on are retail/food establishments because frankly… they need someone on site. Otherwise, any for or non profit in need is a good fit! We even have a division that focuses on synagogues specifically (
Absolutely not. A business is measured in numbers. If you run your business without regularly reviewing reports, you are taking huge risks every day and don’t even know it. We educate our clients and help them understand their numbers so they can grow. You REALLY need to call us.
If you show up at your CPA once a year with a shoe box and a pile of statements, then most likely, yes! That’s because the CPA will have hours of work to do before they get what the numbers they need to do your taxes. So actually, your accountant is gonna LOVE us and your bill may very well go down!!

It’s time to get your books in order. We can help.

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