A Valuable Resource for Advisors of ADHD Business Owners

By: Izzy Raskin, Search & Rescue Agent, RemSource

Having ADHD and working in business presents a lot of challenges. As someone specializing in helping people manage that combination, you can probably identify some common struggles and behaviors in your clients. They have a hard time maintaining focus, staying on top of deadlines, and following-up with clients.

If you could tell your clients that you have the solution to their executive function issues, would you?

Your clients most likely became incredibly skilled due to their hyper focus and natural curiosity, but are unable to follow up with clients, they fall behind on projects, and end up adding another failure to their bag of disillusionment.

Are your clients in the position of NEEDING some administrative help, but they don’t have the internal resources to supports the admin’s needs?

As an AD/HDer myself, I would say I fit pretty closely with the description above. I’m eminently employable, with strong skills, a positive attitude and (needless to say) boundless energy. I would often be hired at my initial interview, and then work my tail off to escape the inevitable disappointment from my superiors. Many of my own projects have started with fireworks and tenacity, only to fall into disarray due to loss of inertia.

This was really challenging, until I found a place to work that not only helped ME maintain focus, but is doing it for their clients as well.

I now work at RemSource, a company in Maryland which does all the administrative work for small business owners. From calendar management, to customer service, to bookkeeping, RemSource allows the creative, dynamic types to delegate their executive function work so they can focus on their core competencies. We implement a workflow which can be followed easily, and institute an internal structure to our clients companies.

The services are organized, efficient and clear. They help push people into workflows that free up valuable time and allow for business growth. And from experience, the system works.

Please take a look at the website, www.remsource.com, or contact me if you have any questions. I would love to talk to anyone here who has the desire to alleviate their clients’ pain.

My contact information is izzy@remsource.com, 410-504-6720 x7030.


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