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Clarity from The “I” of the Storm

Been feeling strangely productive the last day or two?  That’s right; I just suggested that in the midst of total chaos some element of productivity emerged.

The Explanation: As the storm pushed inland Sunday and in to Monday and with everything going on, I couldn’t help but notice a strange sense of calm and responsiveness as so many of us sat at our desks, or perhaps more likely at home, and caught up on things. I got quite a few emails responding to or catching up on some incomplete tasks or projects. (And I sent a bunch too!) I noticed very clear and quick responses from contacts and colleagues that are often slow to respond and difficult to nail down. I, myself, found the time to take care of a number of things that I have woken up countless mornings swearing I would get done “today”, and we even knocked out a great marketing piece while maintaining our client services workload.

The Point: When your workload is more balanced, you get more done. When your resources are in check, you communicate reliability, quality, and control. No, I’m not advocating we live in a state of emergency at all times, however, I am suggesting that if you noticed yourself more focused and effective in what you were doing for the simple reason that the choice to overwhelm yourself was taken away, we may just be on to something here. The economies of scale push us to get more done with less, but that’s a dangerous concept when improperly executed. Scales tip both ways you know, so if you try too hard to balance it on one side, you are going to end up off balance on the other side.

The Challenge: Consider the possibility that you have created an impossible workload for yourself. Your fear of having more resources to produce than actual work to do has backfired, and now you are off balance in the other direction. You wake up each day with a plan that is guaranteed to fail, and it impacts more than just the work you leave undone- it makes you less focused and effective with the work you are doing. Sandy rolled into town and took some things away from us, among them, the choice to flood our day with an impossible workload.

The Shameless Plug: RemSource is that extra resource in a can. We are here, carrying that extra workload for our clients to give them the gift of balance and all the productivity and results that come with it. Give us a call, let’s talk about it.

I hope everyone is safe and well on the road to recovering from this powerful event. As we rebuild in the aftermath of this storm, let’s plan for the one we create for ourselves daily.

-Azi Rosenblum
Founder & CEO, RemSource

Words Of WIZdom - Azi's Blog

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