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Industry Spotlight: Tour Companies

Say “bon voyage” to sleepless nights, “Shalom” to RemSource

You speak 9 languages and live in a popular American city that is regularly invaded by tourists. Your skill is moving them through a two-day tour of the sights and sending them home with memories to last a lifetime. Now…. your bookings come in from your website, there are phone calls and questions regularly, your tours need to be scheduled and tickets for multiple venues need to be reserved for confirmed groups. Additionally, each client gets a series of emails before arriving, as well as a survey after.

Hmm….. When exactly do you have time for all this? You don’t, but RemSource does! With one call, RemSource can handle all the back office tasks so that you can grab your fanny (pack) and hit the tour bus with no worries!

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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