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Industry Spotlight: Tour Companies

Say “bon voyage” to sleepless nights, “Shalom” to RemSource You speak 9 languages and live in a popular American city that is regularly invaded by tourists. Your skill is moving them through a two-day tour of the sights and sending them home with memories to last a lifetime. Now…. your bookings come in from your website, […]

Industry Spotlight: The Wedding Band

Doctors, tradesman, and sales reps by day;                                          rockin’ wedding band by night. Multitalented they may be, but no song and dance can make up for not being around when that phone jingles. A common concern for anyone with a sideline or weekend job is being available to conduct business while performing your duties at your […]

Industry Spotlight: Event Photographers

Smith Wedding, Next Tuesday, 2:26pm, 34 minutes before the ceremony. Version 1, without RemSource: – Groom’s side done, bride’s side 60% done, still looking for that one brother in law who thought pictures were after the ceremony. – 13 missed calls on your cell phone, 4 of them regarding tomorrow’s event location change. – 5 […]

Industry Spotlight: Home Based Hair Salons

Picture this…. Your future sister-in-law is mid-way through a serious cut & color to get ready for your wedding, and the phone rings at the hair salon…. The stylist steps away and ends up on the phone with one of her best clients who is having a “bad hair day”. Deeply engrossed in her conversation, […]

Industry Spotlight: Chimney Sweeps

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) homeowners should have their Chimney’s swept annually; this includes dryer vents and all other venting for utilities in your home. Reason being… they vent for a reason. So…. You guessed it! Your local Chimney Sweeper is about to get swept away by his own customers. Though […]

Industry Spotlight: Business Consultants

A consulting professional is someone with a skill for hire. Highly talented in a very specialized area, they take that skill on the road and offer their knowledge and experience to their clients for a fee. Ever used a decorator or an architect? How about a tour guide or translator? They all have something you need occasionally […]

Industry Spotlight: Locksmiths

You know that sinking feeling that sets in as you close the door with the keys inside the house, or you just had your wallet and keys stolen and the thief now has your address and keys. You want the work done, and you want it NOW. Can the service provided be associated with any urgent scenarios, or […]

Industry Spotlight: Special Event Planners

You have seen them, and you’ve wondered about them, but have you considered the stress level of that clipboard holding, ear piece wearing, sweaty and hyperactive event planner? Next time you are knocking back some sushi or just working the room at a wedding, corporate event, or other business or leisure occasion, walk over to […]

Industry Spotlight: Working in the Fog?

“The Cloud.” It’s the hot new term for remote or virtual companies that operate using a technology platform to bring their internal resources and/or clients together. Make no mistake, this can be done, and it’s an amazing way for companies to provide top notch service while passing the savings of reduced overheads to their clients […]

Industry Spotlight: Secondary Income

 -Secondary income, with second rate service? It is not uncommon to find partially or fully employed people with “secondary income” from a small business of their own. This could be a trade or service they are uniquely qualified for or something along the same lines as their full time profession that they provide to their […]

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