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Industry Spotlight: Chimney Sweeps

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) homeowners should have their Chimney’s swept annually; this includes dryer vents and all other venting for utilities in your home. Reason being… they vent for a reason.

So…. You guessed it! Your local Chimney Sweeper is about to get swept away by his own customers. Though I have not seen it in writing, I’m sure that taking calls while scaling roofs is not recommended.

So while the sweeper is negotiating a relocation with the squirrels that just setup shop in your chimney, the next customer who’s dryer wont heat properly is trying to setup an appointment.

It’s a simple rule, no matter what the business is: profitability is driven by how you get things done. A good product and excellent service backed by a well-oiled administrative machine is how you get more done and keep more of your earnings. A colleague of mine once said “people who are well rounded have no point“.

Focus on what you do best, and RemSource the rest!

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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