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Planning Ahead – Small Business Tips & Advice: The Right Bank for You

Choosing the right bank for your needs.

Banking is much more than deposits and withdrawals.  As your business grows and your team expands, there are critical features to look for that could have significant effects on your operation.

For example:

Online banking with sub-users: Some banks let you create additional users for online banking, where you could limit access to things like bill pay and transfers. It’s a major plus for having someone else monitor your accounts and financial records safely.

Deposit item images: We’ve all done it, deposited 3 checks and not kept a record of which 3 invoices they were for. Lately more and more banks are offering the ability to view each deposit item and the deposit slip online. Free online access sounds better than ordering copies of 30 checks, which can cost as much as $5 a pop.

Deposit cut-offs: Using an ATM card, some banks extend the time you have to make deposits and still post the same business day.

Is your banking routine convenient and efficient?

Archived Newsletter Content, Planning Ahead- Tips & Advice

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