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Industry Spotlight: Home Based Hair Salons

Picture this…. Your future sister-in-law is mid-way through a serious cut & color to get ready for your wedding, and the phone rings at the hair salon….

The stylist steps away and ends up on the phone with one of her best clients who is having a “bad hair day”. Deeply engrossed in her conversation, the smell of burning hair suddenly pulls her away from the emergency bubble gum removal procedure she was talking her other client through. Let’s just say the site is not pretty. So now your sister-in-law-to-be is having a complete meltdown (no pun intended) while our busy hair stylist tries to convince her that “The Einstein” is actually becoming a very popular look in some European countries. Meanwhile, the phone is ringing again, and it’s a call from a party of 3 looking for an emergency spot for wash & sets this afternoon, which goes to voicemail and the party of 3 books a time with another stylist.

Now, as soon as you are finished enjoying the image of flower children running down the aisle in tears to escape this most frightening sight, ask yourself…. What if she had RemSourced it?

RemSource can be there to take those calls, book those appointments, and even provide step by step instructions for bubble gum removal!

One sister-in-law-to-be with the hairdo of her dreams, one happy client with gum out of her hair, and 3 last minute appointment. Just RemSource it! You can’t afford NOT to.

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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