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Business ReSOURCEs: “There is no Y in TEAM either”

We have found that the answer to: “What is your operational structure?” is often: “We work as a team!” Now, as great as that sounds, and while it’s certainly progressive and empowering, the big question is “Y?”

-Y is one person completing a task and not the other?
-Y is one project given more priority than another?
-Y is there a lack of clarity as to who is responsible for resolving problems?
-Y is it that when something goes wrong, there is no “I” in team and no one is accountable?

Working as a team is fine. However, it’s not a process, it’s a work environment or management strategy. Behind all that feel good empowerment, there had better be a system for measuring success and accountability. As experts in combining the best tools, processes, and resource management methods, RemSource can help your team put more $ in your Bu$iness.

Archived Newsletter Content, Business ReSources

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