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Industry Spotlight: Event Photographers

Smith Wedding, Next Tuesday, 2:26pm, 34 minutes before the ceremony.
Version 1, without RemSource:

– Groom’s side done, bride’s side 60% done, still looking for that one brother in law who thought pictures were after the ceremony.

– 13 missed calls on your cell phone, 4 of them regarding tomorrow’s event location change.

– 5 text messages from last week’s Sweet 16, angrily requesting that head shot for young Miss Suzie for her Facebook page.

Version 2, with RemSource:

– All pictures are done thanks to the FAQ sheet your office prepares for all events. Clients love it, it’s got everything the family needs to know about the day of the event, even a reminder to bring a spare white shirt for the 3 year old ringbarer. Who’s idea was it to get pizza for the kids?

– All 13 of those calls were answered by your RemSource office team. The location change has been updated on your calendar, and the 3 assistants you have coming to help with lighting have already been informed.

-Suzie has 126 “likes” on her awesome new profile picture on Facebook. One comment even said, “Wow, how’d you get the pic so fast, I’m married 25 years and still waiting for my wedding album!”

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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