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Industry Spotlight: Locksmiths

You know that sinking feeling that sets in as you close the door with the keys inside the house, or you just had your wallet and keys stolen and the thief now has your address and keys. You want the work done, and you want it NOW.

Can the service provided be associated with any urgent scenarios, or is it ever needed after normal business hours? Customers are looking for someone to say, “Yes, we are on the way!” and will keep dialing and emailing until they get that response.

RemSource works as a full time resource to our clients to make sure that all the things that go on in the background of a business are handled professionally. Callers get immediate service, confirmation of an appointment, and billed when service is completed. After hours, we provide custom designed messaging procedures to make sure that urgent messages get to someone who can immediately respond.

You provide a solution, but the customers create the need. If you are not ready when they come calling, they will quickly move on.

After the job is done, if you go running off in to the sunset and take too long to bill, the gratitude may wear off and it may be difficult to get paid. RemSource gets your bills out immediately, while you move on to the next appointment!

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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