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Industry Spotlight: Working in the Fog?

“The Cloud.” It’s the hot new term for remote or virtual companies that operate using a technology platform to bring their internal resources and/or clients together. Make no mistake, this can be done, and it’s an amazing way for companies to provide top notch service while passing the savings of reduced overheads to their clients and investors.  Our economy has put a lot of senior level experts with years of experience out there, and these professionals are leveraging their skills and expertise to form consulting firms of all kinds.

RemSource is not only the perfect fit, being a remote solution itself, it’s also the best and most efficient way to provide those professionals that were recently exiled from the corporate world with the administrative support they are so accustomed to having.
Working in the cloud opens up a world of opportunities, but it also demands incredible structure and strategy in its implementation.

Things can get foggy in the cloud, so let RemSource keep you afloat!

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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