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Industry Spotlight: Secondary Income

 -Secondary income, with second rate service?

It is not uncommon to find partially or fully employed people with “secondary income” from a small business of their own. This could be a trade or service they are uniquely qualified for or something along the same lines as their full time profession that they provide to their own client base. The clients may know it’s not your full time job, but most clients don’t accept part time dedication, so now what?

Example: RemSource recently had an inquiry from a business owner with a full time job and a few dozen rental properties that act as a secondary income. Some of the challenges this person was encountering included:

-Difficulty monitoring rent payment status and sending out late notices.

-Delays filling vacancies due to missed calls and slow responses to voicemails.

-Slow response to maintenance or repair inquiries from tenants leading to complaints and vacancies.

RemSource can provide reliable tracking of rent payments and issue the appropriate reminders immediately; we offer live contact for tenant’s potential new tenants during business hours; we deliver a reliable and reassuring contact point for tenants with urgent maintenance problems. Problems solved.

The business can be a web site selling a product, or a weekend only service company. Your plans could include quitting your job one day to do this full time, or just enjoying the additional income. Either way, the value RemSource can deliver is in making sure you are able to maximize your results!

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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