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Industry Spotlight: Business Consultants

A consulting professional is someone with a skill for hire. Highly talented in a very specialized area, they take that skill on the road and offer their knowledge and experience to their clients for a fee. Ever used a decorator or an architect? How about a tour guide or translator? They all have something you need occasionally and could all be considered consultants.

The unique thing about consulting, especially solo consultants, is that they themselves are the product, and therefore need to stay focused on delivering the services. This means that pretty much everything besides choosing paint colors or explaining the history of a busy intersection is a poor use of their time.

When a consultant’s business responsibilities start to compete with routine administrative duties, quick action needs to be taken.

RemSource can support the needs of consultants by managing their schedules, providing information to their clients, availability prospects, services and fee structures, and keeping track of expenses and invoicing.

More time and focus on the things that make them money, while we take care of the rest… it’s a dream come true!

Archived Newsletter Content, Industry Spotlight

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