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Planning Ahead – Small Business Tips & Advice: Business Phone Number

Your Business Phone Number

Classic mistake: Advertising a cell phone number as the business line.

It seemed like the cost effective thing to do at the time, but you may soon regret it. With customers ringing directly to your mobile phone, you will soon find it difficult to make both the customer you are with, and the one who is looking for you, happy at the same time.

This is the same number you give the babysitter, your kid’s school, and your mother, so it’s going with you everywhere and you can’t turn it off. Even if you are just getting started, invest in another number that forwards to your mobile phone until you are ready to have someone else answer the calls. This also gives you the ability to redirect business calls in case you need to be out for the day or misplace/break your cell phone.

If this advice is coming to you a bit late in the game, worry not, we have methods of regaining control of your call traffic and will help you out of this mess. RemSource is all about solutions.

Archived Newsletter Content, Planning Ahead- Tips & Advice

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