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Planning Ahead – Small Business Tips & Advice

Have you started dodging calls from your CPA yet? You committed to doing things differently so that your records would be in order and the process would be smooth. Judging by the pile of unopened mail and unfiled papers, it seems like that dream did not come true. It’s not that you don’t know what […]

Business ReSOURCEs: Flat Fee vs. Parts & Labor

Flat Fee vs. Parts and Labor Are you in an industry that performs improvements or repairs to homes? We recently came across the following question: Does a contractor need to charge sales tax on materials used in a project? We are all accustomed to seeing bills broken down as parts & labor, so now we […]

Industry Spotlight: Seasonal Industries

Landscaper by Summer, and Chimney Sweeper by winter? Having an identity crisis during the spring and fall? As part of a seasonal industry, you may have to deal with trying to figure out what becomes of your business when you are out there doing something else. It only takes one unanswered phone call to lose […]

Planning Ahead – Small Business Tips & Advice: Bank Deposit Records

Bank Deposit Records Classic mistake: Not keeping detailed records when you make deposits to your business account.In order to keep proper financial records (no, a shoe box full of papers is not considered proper), you should be tracking both expenses and income. Unlike expenses, where bank statements and the included check copies* can be easily […]

Industry Spotlight: Mobile Pet Groomers

Busy pet owners have found a convenient way to keep your pets looking sharp! Mobile pet groomers come fully equipped to wash and groom pets with their mobile pet salons, and they save time and effort for pet owners by taking care of the grooming right in the pet owner’s driveway! Often owner operated, it […]

Planning Ahead – Small Business Tips & Advice: Business Phone Number

Your Business Phone Number Classic mistake: Advertising a cell phone number as the business line. It seemed like the cost effective thing to do at the time, but you may soon regret it. With customers ringing directly to your mobile phone, you will soon find it difficult to make both the customer you are with, […]

Industry Spotlight: HVAC Repair Companies

(FYI, that’s Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) It’s cold outside, and nothing tests an HVAC system like extreme temperatures. When the heating system won’t work, the customer is looking for one simple thing — someone to come fix it. Since extreme seasonal changes often create a rush of requests, this is no time for an […]

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